Indianapolis is the Capital of Indiana. We currently have one skate park that desperately needs renovation. The crowds swarm the park every time school is let out or the weekend is here. Indianapolis is home to a large population of skateboarders and bmxers. We need to get organized this blog will inform you of upcoming events and happenings. ONLINE PETITION!!! PLEASE SIGN!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Just a heads up

I know the skatepark thing is on saturday, BUT King Parks, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, and Habitat for Humanity are all working on the Great Indy Neighborhood Clean up. This clean up is on sat. from 9am to 1pm at 20th and Bellafontaine.
Food and refreshments will be served.

Now you may be wondering why I will tell you about something else besides the Skatepark event. WELL King Park is the potential investor in the park. It would be great if some people would show up and represent the skateboarders then get over to the park.

"Sometimes skateboarding involves NOT skateboarding"
If we want to get this park and other parks done we have to be proactive and show the city we care about the city.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Remember sat. is our big day! Tell all of your friends come out all day or just for a little!

**Rain Plans
If it rains we will do the same thing the next day!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's possible!

York, PA did it. This is a pretty cool story. We have all the resources here to get this done.

Reid Menzer Memorial Park

Monday, April 12, 2010

POP's Philly skatepark.

Last summer I went to Philly and met some guys that work/volunteer for a company like Keep Indianapolis Beautiful. The local community center was getting shut down and the neighborhood decided they needed to keep it around. It is a place were kids go after school to keep them out of trouble. The neighborhood uses the building for meetings as well as many other things. The basketball courts hadn't been used in years so some local skateboarders took on the project of "restoring" them. With money from the city, local skateshops, as well as THE TONY HAWK FOUNDATION they were able to get money to build this really cool park. Because Willy Akers is the man and knows everybody they let us skate the half finished project. Really fun AND simple AND cheap. Volunteers offered their weekends to finish the project... DIY approved.

Here is a moving story about the park. Read it then sign our petition. This is possible lets get it done!


Grand Opening and story



ledge/manual pad. In the background you can see a bowl.

The coping was weird on this spine at first. It ended up being really fun even with the water.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Park Ideas

Sorry I have been slacking lately.


So I went to Long Beach over my spring break and skated a little bit. We skated San Pedro.

Indy needs a bridge spot to keep the snow and rain off (lets focus on one thing at a time). This bowl is really fun and has tons of lines to keep people interested. A little on the difficult side but some really cool obstacles in it. My favorite is the entry way where there is a door you can skate over.

This is a park in downtown Long Beach. Mostly prefab not worth mentioning, but this little guy was really fun. We have thrown the idea around of a skateable walking path around the park. This would make a pretty fun addition to that. Just some more ideas.

Someone showed me this website. Good work guys I like how you are organizing. This is another thing that Indy needs we are too separated here. Could a fun park be a good meeting place??? Check out their site some photos that make me want to go skate!