Indianapolis is the Capital of Indiana. We currently have one skate park that desperately needs renovation. The crowds swarm the park every time school is let out or the weekend is here. Indianapolis is home to a large population of skateboarders and bmxers. We need to get organized this blog will inform you of upcoming events and happenings. ONLINE PETITION!!! PLEASE SIGN!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Also upon my return I noticed a TON of trash at the park. I picked up a ton of trash the day before I left and there was all new trash today. The guys were there cutting the lawn and they were taking pictures of the trash in the lawn. This can't be good publicity for the park or more parks to come. If you see someone leaving there trash get on them. I know it feels silly but it is going to suck when we can't get a new park because the litter problem is looming. It will REALLY suck if they take our park away that we have now!

Recent travels

AHHH. The motivation that follows a trip to Oregon. They have it so together there. If you would like to check out what they have going on you can check out this website.

Every time I go there there is something awesome happening. The latest addition is a park known as Brooklyn Street. It started as a small DIY spot and then turned into a real park. Not only did the city decide it could be a park they funded a small amount to the builders of the park to improve it as well. This doesn't just happen for anything they have worked long and hard to achieve this credibility and for the city to see the benefits of skateparks. Pictures of the park are below. They are removing the walking bridge soon and the city has given the entire area all the way to the building to the builders!