Indianapolis is the Capital of Indiana. We currently have one skate park that desperately needs renovation. The crowds swarm the park every time school is let out or the weekend is here. Indianapolis is home to a large population of skateboarders and bmxers. We need to get organized this blog will inform you of upcoming events and happenings. ONLINE PETITION!!! PLEASE SIGN!

Thursday, March 31, 2011


While I was sending out emails for one of our benefits someone at Metromix heard about our group. They asked me if I would be their Local celebrity of week. I gladly accepted for a chance to get our vision out there. You can find the article here.

Local celebrity: Tim Devlin

Jabril Riguad

Special to Metromix
March 29, 2011

Local celebrity: Tim Devlin
(Credit: Michelle Pemberton / Metromix)

Claim to fame: Co-founder, Indianapolis Skate Park Advocates; technology education teacher, Lynhurst 7th & 8th Grade Center.

If you had 30 seconds to pitch the ISPA cause to the City Council/mayor, what would you say?
I personally know kids around the city who are being pressured with serious choices, be it gangs or violence and drug use. I grew up around skate parks, and it has done great things for my life. I would love for these kids to have the same chance to receive the mentorship that older skateboarders can give.

What’s your main project right now?
We’re working with the King Park neighborhood to get a skate park put in at 25th and the Monon. We are also pursuing turning our group into a nonprofit so we will be able to accept donations and grants.

Why did you make this your personal cause?

I’ve had had an interest in skateboarding since the fifth grade. Even then, I would write the mayor letters, begging him to build a skate park in Carmel. I wish I still had some of those letters.

Before becoming a teacher what was your dream?
To be a bum, I guess? Just make enough money to skateboard all the time, and just live in a small house with little bills. But a couple things happened that changed all that.

What were those things?
During that part of my life, I was living out of my van. I met a lot of younger kids at skate parks who hated school. I started asking myself why I liked (school) and then I remembered all the teachers that really influenced me.

My mom also got on me and was like, “Why are you going to waste the talents that you have? How are you not going to give back anything that was given to you?” This hit pretty hard.

What’s your favorite place to skate locally? Ultimate dream spot?
Locally, the park at Major Taylor. My dream place would be an empty pool on a spring afternoon in Arizona.

Do you skate with protective gear?
I would if it was cool, as bad as it sounds. I would, but it’s not. So I just make excuses not to?

If you were going to jail for life tomorrow, what’s the last meal you’d eat in this town and why?
For sure, the Taco and Burrito Place at 42nd Street and Millersville Road. Pablo would definitely hook it up — best burritos in town.

Indianapolis: Love it or leave it?
Love it. I’ve tried to move to other places, and I always end up here. I can’t really put it into words.

Indianapolis Skate Park Advocates
ISPA will host a fundraiser April 28 at Talbott Street, featuring bands and raffles.

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