Indianapolis is the Capital of Indiana. We currently have one skate park that desperately needs renovation. The crowds swarm the park every time school is let out or the weekend is here. Indianapolis is home to a large population of skateboarders and bmxers. We need to get organized this blog will inform you of upcoming events and happenings. ONLINE PETITION!!! PLEASE SIGN!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Indy skate advocates in the paper

There was recently an article in the Indianapolis Star.   The writer Amanda Kingsbury was trying to find some educators that are doing interesting things.  She had heard about our group and wanted to get the story out.  Hopefully this helps our cause.

Recent updates

Sarah and Jordan are having a baby! Congrats to the new family.  They were the ones with the idea to start this now as they have more on their plate a few of us have stepped up and are trying to take the reigns.  Evan and myself met a few weeks ago and started making some emails and phone calls.  Hopefully we will be able to put some wind back in our sails.

The money we have raised is now in an account.  WE RAISED $1200 in a short amount of time.  Hopefully we can get someone from the city on our side and make something happen.  Stay tuned.

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